Eviture leading lean organisational agility


Eviture Consulting


With the right leadership, engagement and training, lean and agile can transform the future of a business and the people that form part of it.

To support this, we provide passionate no-nonsense consulting, training and coaching to instil cultural change, create highly collaborative environments and build high-performance teams, spanning multiple locations, including near-shore and offshore.

We help organisations and their people adjust to change, whether it is processes that need integrating into existing work habits or a strategic direction that depends on the understanding and support of stakeholders.


We want our client to successfully transform their business as a result of our engagement. In practice this means that we don't just deliver a report, but that we also participate in making the change sustainable.

We put all our cross-industry experience and knowledge at our clients' disposal. By combining our resources, we can make transformation happen. By working together in the same teams with our clients, we help them get the most out of their organisations and raise the general level of competence.

No cookie cutters

Each problem is unique. Although we have tools and frameworks that helps us be effective and create results quickly, we always tailor our approach to the particular situation. Despite the fact that our frameworks are as often based on academic research as they are not, we take a pragmatic approach when we use them. All that matters is maximum impact and change.

We’ll help you confront the unknowns, to experiment and move fast. We'll use technologies and delivery practices that adapt to new insights as you go. We’ll learn and evolve with you to discover your product and business model, and capture your target market.