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We work with you to create and deliver the most appropriate training programme to ensure success in your agile efforts. In combination with coaching, training in direct conjunction with agile delivery projects can have a profound effect on the organisation's ability to deliver an outcome that is of great value for the organisation — which is critical to today's organisations to succeed in the marketplace.

We offer agile kick-start, project inception, lean and agile awareness, and regular training programmes, complete with class-form activities and workbooks, and it can all be tailored to your organisation's specific needs.

High-performance agilty for team members

This course is for practitioners who are actively involved in agile delivery.

It addresses the challenges faced by software engineers, testers, business analysts, managers and business leaders and provide an algined view of the most common frameworks and guidance as to which ones might be the most appropriate ones in various situations.

The course employs interaction, exercises and discussions to further the participants' understanding of the agile mindset to enable agile ways of working.

This course is useful for teams that are just about to embark on an agile software development initiative as it provides the necessary understanding of agility and what makes agile teams 'tick'.

This two day course covers:
  • The agile mindset
  • Agile team anatomy
  • The importance of flow and minimal lead times
  • Rapid feedback via short cycles
  • What is value?
  • Extreme Programming
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scaling agile
  • Dispersed teams and offshore

Agile leadership and management in a lean organisation

The objective of agile software development is to achieve business agility. It requires business leaders to align the organisation's structures, planning and communication with the needs of the delivery teams.

Done right, an aligned organisation will allow you and your organisation to respond to changing business needs faster than ever before. An agile transformation can also have a great impact outside of the software delivery groups.

We explore the core lean and agile frameworks and concepts with a focus on how to best apply them to improve business agility, including distributed and offshore teams.

User stories allows agile teams to maintain focus on a valuable outcome that can be developed and delivered within a short time frame.

User stories are also the items that are prioritised, estimated, tested and accepted.

This half day course covers:
  • Why organisational agility matters
  • The agile leadership mindset
  • Agile governance
  • Empirical process control
  • Scaling agile
  • Metrics and reporting
  • The lean organisation